Equity Funding Portal Launches for Title III Regulation Crowdfunding

Equity Funding Portal Launches for Regulation Crowdfunding

I have been collaborating with a team of developers and investors to create a new Equity Crowdfunding company.

This new company is following the new American JOBS Act using the Title III provisions and Reg CF. We have created a Funding Portal for entrepreneurs to list their companies and investors may then choose how much they wish to participate in each one.

What makes this such a great new update to this system is not limited to the 2% of accredited investors. Now the other 98% of Americans that were restricted from investing in friends and family rounds can now participate too! We are still raising capital to complete our own round of funding and also accepting applications for early acceptance to the platform as well.

If you would like to know more about investing in future companies on our funding portal, please go to http://equityraisers.com/startups/ and enter your information immediately.